Prisons Department says it won’t pay Kshs6.2 billion pending bills over irregularities

The Prisons Department says it will not pay suppliers their pending bills amounting to 6.2 billion shillings accrued since 2009.

PS Zeinab Hussein says three audits by the National Treasury, a multi-agency taskforce of EACC, DCI and State Law Office and the depatment’s internal auditors, confirmed that the pending bills were irregular and some even illegal.

Zeinab says they will only pay for valid pending claims, and urged the claimants to be patient and await a final verdict from the National Treasury Inter-Agency Pending Bills Closing Committee, which is checking the claims.

However, the affected suppliers have dismissed the claims by the PS, saying all previous payments used the same process and were not invalidated.

They also say five audits by government agencies did not show any impropriety.