Gunshot fired at MP Joshua Kutuny’s residence as woman seeks child upkeep

A woman is said to have stormed the home of Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny demanding child upkeep, causing commotion that forced police officers to fire into the air.

According to a police report seen by Hot 96 News, constables Emmanuel Maiyo and Mercy Ngeno were on patrol, when an alarm was raised from Kutuny’s residence at Hardy area at around 12:10am.

The officers rushed to the scene and found a woman identified as Joyline Chemutai shouting that they want to kill her.

Chemutai, according to the report from Stapol Hardy, claimed she had sired a child with the legislator and hence sought upkeep.

Constable Maiyo reportedly drew his gun and fired a single gunshot in the air in order to calm the situation.

Police have launched further investigations into the matter.