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Egesa FM broadcasts in ‘Ekegusii’ which is the language of the Kisii community who originate in the southern part of Nyanza province.  The footprint includes Nyanza and parts of Rift-Valley Province all on 94.6FM and 103.2FM in Nairobi. It is the only 24 hour Kisii station. The station aims to be the voice of the people, championing rights and keeping the community and those surrounding them together.

Within the first few months of broadcasting, Egesa FM became the Kisii station of choice.  The primary target may be categorized as middle to lower social class residing both in the rural and urban areas, while the secondary target is the upper class. The Kisii people are very industrious and really support their very own.  The programming is laid out on the back drop of the Kisii culture. The station provides a rich menu of sports, news, commentaries, business features, vernacular music and interactive talk shows.